Magical City of URAYASU

1. Overview of Urayasu

2. Direction to Urayasu

3. Transportation within Urayasu

5. Highlights of Urayasu City Attractions

4. Urayasu Recommended Restaurants


Very attractive Urayasu-City, not just with Tokyo Disney Resort

Urayasu city where Tokyo disney resort is located, also has fantastic aspects for sightseeing and experience in addition to the disney theme parks.

Though it is needless to say that Tokyo disney resorts are amazing(it is must visit place in Japan), you can easily enjoy both traditional/local Japanese entertainments and urban resort entertainments in Urayasu city after visiting Tokyo Disney resort!  Why don’t you stay in Urayasu for a few days to enjoy them.

You will find many attractive spots/To Do’s in Urayasu city such as fish market, old japanese town & historical houses, wonderful view of the Tokyo bay from a very wide park, very large natural hot spring theme park, sky cruise etc…

If you leave Urayasu right after visiting Tokyo Disney parks without seeing the city, you will regret!

Urayasu Festival

Urayasu Local Museum

Natural Shell gathering at Tokyo bay

Sunset at the ocean side walk of Tokyo bay 

Huge Hot Spring Theme Park in Urayasu, ” Oedo Onsen Monogatari Urayasu Mangekyo”

As well as sightseeing, there is Urayasu Heliport where you can cruise the skies of Tokyo with the service of Excel Airlines(a Helicopter operator). You can enjoy the sunset, as well as the illuminated night city with a night-flight.

Here we introduce how you can enjoy Urayasu city after disney resorts.

Direction to Urayasu City

From Tokyo: 

About 20 min from Tokyo Station to “Shin-Urayasu” Station by JR Keiyo Line .
Shin-Urayasu Station is just next to “Maihama” Station where Tokyo Disney Resort is located.

From Haneda Airport:

There is Direct Highway-bus service  to Shin-Urayasu from the airport. Bus leaves almost every hour or every 30 minutes.

Just look for “Airport-Limousine Bus”. please find the details at this limousine bus web site.


Transportation within Urayasu City

Taxi Transporation:

Taxi service is provided by a local taxi operator called “Maihama Resort Cab”.

You can pick-up a taxi only at the train stations(Shin-Urayasu, Maihama, Urayasu), or if you are lucky, sometimes one or two taxied are waiting at a Disney official hotel(but it’s very rare).  In addition, taxies are not on a street neither.

So if you need a taxi, you should call at Maihama Reaort Cab for a taxi.  They will send you a cab within 10 mins.

Maihama Resort Cab contact info is as follows.

TEL:  +81-47-495-5519

They also provide you a flat fare to Haneda and Narita airport.

•Flat fare to Haneda from everywhere in Urayasu: JPY 6,500 + Highway tariff

•Flat fare to Narita from everywhere in Urayasu: JPY 17,000 + Highway tariff

* Additional 15% fee is required from 22:00pm till 5:00am

Please be mindful that uber service in Japan is still very expensive because of regulatory reasons.


Public Bus Transporation:

Urayasu is very convenient because of subsatantial bus network provided by Tokyo Bay City Bus.

Buses in Urayasu is flat fare and pay in advance style.  You can pay with cash or SUICA Card.  Coins and JPY1000 bills are acceptable.

Mostly fares are JPY 150, and some long routes such as SOGO-Park to Urayasu, or Maihama costs you JPY 200.

Most of all buses go to Shin-Urayasu station, so you can go everywhere in Urayasu including the places recommended below, from Shin-Urayasu station by bus.

Source: Tokyo Bay City Bus Website.


Highlights of Urayasu Attractions!

Here we recommend you the wonderful entertaiment for all tourists to Urayasu.  

Indeed, one or two more days of your stay at Urayasu after Disney, it will be very unforgettable experience for you.

Though Urayasu has just 4km by 4km area, a variety of amazing aspects it has.  You can fully feel the sprits of Japan and the city!

We recommend you the following attractions in the city!( Sorry some of the following contents are still under construction)

  1. “Urayasu Festival”in September – Famous Japanese Style festivals from all over Japan gather at Urayasu!

  2. Urayasu Local Museum

  3. Urayasu “SOGO” park – perfect relax place

  4. Urayasu Fire-work Festival in July

  5. Huge Hot Spring Theme Park “Ooedo Onsen Urayasu Mangekyo”
  6. Ocean side running

  7. Petit luxurious supermarket, “AEON STYLE Shin-Urayasu”.

  8. Just 30 bucks for 60 min Massage place
  9. Japanese Style Fish Market “Urayasu Fish Market”

  10. Urayasu Heli-Port “Excel Air” – Tokyo Jewel Box

  11. “Yakata-Bune” a traditional Japanese cruise in Tokyo bay departing from Urayasu
  12. Hawaii Style cafeteria “Laumelia” with free wifi 

  13. Wonderful Cherry Blossom in March/April

Check the details at the page below!(click and open the page)

Highlight of Urayasu City Attractions!

you can find a vriery of Urayasu city must see spot!


Recommended Restaurants in Urayasu

you can enjoy a variety of foods from real local Japanese style food to fusion cuisine in Urayasu city.

we recommend some of the good restaurant in the city. Please see the page below!

Urayasu Recommended Restaurant

(** please note that we need to ask you to use auto translation function. You can switch to your language. It’s just auto translation, we apology that the quality of the translation is not perfect)

Delicious Sushi at Urayasu Fish Market