A Variety of Entertainments for all tourists in Urayasu

Here we recommend you the wonderful entertaiment for all tourists to Urayasu.

Indeed, one or two more days of your stay at Urayasu after Disney, we trust it will be very unforgettable experience for you.

Though Urayasu has just 4km by 4km area, a variety of amazing aspects it has. You can fully feel the sprits of Japan and the city!

We recommend you the following attractions in the city!( Sorry some of the following contents are still under construction)

  1. “Urayasu Festival”in September – Famous Japanese Style festivals from all over Japan gather at Urayasu!

  2. Urayasu Local Museum

  3. Urayasu “SOGO” park – perfect relax place

  4. Urayasu Fire-work Festival in July

  5. Huge Hot Spring Theme Park “Ooedo Onsen Urayasu Mangekyo”
  6. Ocean side running

  7. Petit luxurious supermarket, “AEON STYLE Shin-Urayasu”.

  8. Just 30 bucks for 60 min Massage place
  9. Japanese Style Fish Market “Urayasu Fish Market”

  10. Urayasu Heli-Port “Excel Air” – Tokyo Jewel Box

  11. “Yakata-Bune” a traditional Japanese cruise in Tokyo bay departing from Urayasu
  12. Hawaii Style cafeteria “Laumelia” with free wifi

  13. Wonderful Cherry Blossom in March/April

Check the details hereafter.

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Urayasu Festival”in September – Famous Japanese Style festivals from all over Japan gather at Urayasu!

Using almost half of the Urayasu City area, a variety of festivals walk around Urayasu City. You can enjoy the many kinds of japanese traditional festivals. Also, in 2016, Tokyo Disney gave us a wonderful special show on the Sin-Urayasu street.

“YOSAKOI” From Shikoku

“Acer” From Okinawa

“DONTAKU” From Fukuoka

“AWA” from Tokushima

“CHOCHIN” from Akita

“NEBUTA” from Aomori

Source: Pictures from Urayasu festival Official HP

For the details of the festival, see below!

Let’s enjoy urayasu Festival 2017 !!


Urayasu Local Museum

Address: 1-2-7 Nekozane, Urayasu 279-0004, Chiba Prefecture

Tel: +81-47-305-4300

You can feel like you did time-slip to the Urayasu City around the 1950s here. You can see how the feel of the life of that period, either from wooden buildings, boats, and traditions of local communities. Also you can learn how people in Urayasu overcome flood damages over the decades along its history.

No entry charges required, so just drop by and feel the old age of Urayasu City.


Urayasu “SOGO” park – perfect relax place and ocean sidewalk

Address: 7-2 Akemi, Urayasu 279-0014, Chiba Prefecture.

You can enjoy 5 km ocean side run, BBQ, very perfect relax time on its wide lawn square in this park. This park is just next to Tokyo Disney official hotel “Disney Celebration hotels”.

During Urayasu festival, here is special stage set up and you can enjoy many kinds of performance such as kids dance, music plays, cheer dance etc.

Also, from this park you can see the tokyo bay form the edge to another edge, a charming place to enjoy the view of urban ocean resort.

Let’s walk around in the morning or evening time and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tokyo bay.


Urayasu Fire-work Festival in July

Address: 7-2 Akemi, Urayasu 279-0014, Chiba Prefecture

At “SOGO”park, once every year you can enjoy the wonderful fire-work festival!

more than 6000 fire works are launched along with spectacular songs.

We believe that Urayasu fire work festival is the best in Japan to enjoy the fireworks relaxed ly because you can reserve your seats just with paying 5 bucks and launching spot is just in front of your seats.


Huge Hot Spring Theme Park, “Oedo Onsen Urayasu Mangekyo”

Address: 7-3-12 Hinode, Urayasu, Chiba

Phone: +81-47-304-4126

“Oedo Onsen Urayasu Mangekyo” has a total of 38 baths including the natural hot springs.

There are three areas prepared,1) indoor bath zone and 2)outdoor zone, where you can dip in naked, and the 3)swimming wear outdoor zone where man and women can enter together using swimwear.

you can rent everything including swim wear, hand towel, bath towel, relax wear at the place, so you don’t have to bring anything! Just bring yourself!

Also, there are various events and facilities inside which can be enjoyed from children to the seniors.

You can enjoy foods, massage, gaming, show etc..

They also provides you hotel service in this facility. If you put up here, you can stay a guest room in the facility and enjoy hot spring/entertainments/ massage etc at any time you want.

you can spend whole day excitingly here!

For further details, visit this official HP.


Ocean Sidewalk Running

You can run along with very beautiful Tokyo bay ocean sidewalk! There is fully maintained running course on the ocean side with the soft cushion surface to absorb the running damage to your leg.

This road is also recommended for cycle/road bike because there is almost no signals and you don’t have to stop. Many cyclists enjoy their cycling everyday.

Recommended running course is as follows (assuming departure at disney celebration hotels.) Red is 6.5km course, Blue is 3km course.


Petit luxurious supermarket, “AEON STYLE Shin-Urayasu”

Address: 1-4-1 Irifune, Urayasu, Chiba

Phone: +81-47-350-1147

“AEON SYTLE” is no longer a so-called supermarket. On the first floor, a bright and fashionable “Marche dining” is spreading.

There are a variety of shops, such as main and side dishes, cafes, sweets and bakery, so that there is a dining space more spacious than the general food court. We have a large selection of high-quality ingredients, and AEON STYLE is proposing “an advanced lifestyle”.

AEON STYLE Shin-Urayasu is located just in front of JR Shinurayasu Station.


Just 30 bucks for 60 min Massage “Hot Chotto”

Address: 1-4-1 Irifune, Urayasu, Chiba (In AEON STYLE Shin-Urayasu, 3rd floor)

Phone: +81-47-381-4347

You can enjoy 60 min relaxing body massage just for $30 (2,980yen + tax). They are very professionals and ease your muscle pain perfectly!


Urayasu Fish Market

Address: 1-10-20 Kitasakae, Urayasu. Chiba

Phone: +81-47-351-4171

The Urayasu fish market is a comprehensive fish market that wholesalers to merchants as well as sells to individuals!

As they operate early in the morning, you can purchase breakfast as well as dinner ingredients. Restrictions on entrance to the market are not required at all, so please feel free to visit there. You can purchase one fish, or even a sliced piece of a fish. The first Saturdays-and-Sundays of every month is their sale days of the Urayasu fish market.

In the fish market, there is some restaurants who provide you wonderful Japanese food such as Sushi.

“Excel Air” Sky Cruising- “Tokyo Jewel Box”

Address: URAYASU Heliport 14 Chidori,Urayasu-shi,Chiba

TEL: +81-47-380-3353

See the beautiful evening sky with sunset! From the dark skies above looking down at glittering Tokyo, it is a sight you will never forget.

It’s like a very beautiful jewel box if you look at Tokyo from the sky at night.

Please find the details here and make reservation in advance!

“Yakata-Bune” a traditional Japanese cruise in Tokyo bay departing from Urayasu

Yakata bune(boat)’s history is old, it goes back to the Heian era and is also recited in “Manyoshu” which is written about 1,300 years agon in Japan. In the Edo period, it became an entertainment culture centered on Daimyo(a head of Samurai Society) and Samurai.

From a japanese style boat,

cherry-blossom viewing in spring,

Cool, fireworks appreciation in sumeer,

Fishing from a yakata boat, tempura on the spot in autumn,

year-end party and a New Year party. on the boat in winter!

The Yakata boat feels the seasons even in the center of a big city, and you can enjoy the “Japanese culture” from ancient times. When you look at the familiar scenery from the water, it appears as a different view from the usual, and there may be new discoveries for you.

One of the most famous Urayasu Yakata boats operator is “YOSHINOYA”.

ADDRESS: 5-7-10, Nekozane, Urayasu, Chiba


To enjoy Yakata-boat, you MUST make a reservation in advance. They may only accept reseravation over the phone in Japanese, so you shoud ask your hotel concielge to make reservation on behalf of you. Also you should make your reservation before you leave your home to Japan. In a top seasons, they are so busy.

During the 3-hour curise, they provide “All you can eat”, “All you can drink” and “All you can sing” on the boat and it’s just JPY10,800(tax included) per person.

Let’s have wonderful journy to Tokyo bay!

Source: Pictures from Yoshinoya-Official HP (only in Japanese)


Recommended Restaurant in Urayasu

you can enjoy a variety of foods from real local Japanese style food to fusion cuisine in Urayasu city.

we recommend some of the good restaurant in the city. Please see the page below!

Urayasu Recommended Restaurant

(** please note that we need to ask you to use auto translation function. You can switch to your language. It’s just auto translation, we apology that the quality of the translation is not perfect)

Delicious Italyan at Hotel Emion

Tasty Ramen Noodle at Shinurayasu station shoppiong mall “ATRE Shin-Urayasu”